Haiti - Espace Sûr

Through your support of the Espace Sûr program, you make education possible for young women and girls in slums of Haiti.

With a donation of...

  • 30 CHF, for example, you enable a young woman to attend a workshop on topics such as health, leadership and psychological support.
  • 50 CHF will enable, for example, two girls to have access to medical services twice a year.
  • 100 CHF, for example, will enable a girl to attend the Youth Center for one year, where she will receive a hot meal and tutoring.
  • 200 CHF you make possible, for example, that 5 girls from the slums of Haiti can attend a 2-week summer camp on literacy and health.

Further information

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Facts about the program

Name: Espas Pa Mwen - A place for me
Partner organization: YWCA Haiti
Location: Pétion-Ville, Port-au-Prince
Goal: Education for young women and girls in slums of Haiti
Target group: 510 girls (5 to 19 years old) and young women (20 to 30 years old),
Required funds 2023: CHF 275'000
Duration: 2020-2024
Responsible: Amélie Gottier, amelie.gottier at horyzon.ch

Facts about Haiti

Capital: Port-au-Prince
Population: 11.4 mill.
Human Development Index: 0.510 (rank 170.)
Life expectancy: 64 years
Median age: 24 years
Youth unemployment (15-24 years): 30.7%

Source: Human Development Report