Palestine - Joint Advocacy Initiative

Your donation to the Joint Advocacy Initiative will support a program that raises awareness around the world about the difficult situation facing the Palestinian people.

With a donation of...

  • 30 CHF you enable the planting of 1 olive tree seedling in your name or the name of a beneficiary.

Of course, with a multiple of the amount you can plant several saplings. Use the "Remarks" field to indicate the number of saplings and the name for the certificate, if desired.

  • For example, 50 CHF will allow you to support the family of an olive grower and strengthen their resilience to crises.
  • 100 CHF will enable, for example, an educational and cultural trip for 100 Palestinian youth.
  • 200 CHF will enable, for example, trainings on human rights, identity, citizenship and democracy for 8 Palestinian youth.

Further information

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Facts about the program

Title: Joint Advocacy Initiative
Partner organisation: YMCA East Jerusalem and YWCA Palestine
Location: Beit Sahour
Goal: Awareness of the difficult situation, networking, conflict-free life and securing the livelihood of olive farmers.
Target group: Directly about 440 young people, 130 families of the olive tree campaign. Worldwide approx. 11'000 persons.
Required funds 2022: CHF 48'000
Duration: 2021-2024 / Initiated January 2001
Responsible: Isabelle Aebersold

Facts about Palestine

Capital: East Jerusalem
Population: 4.8 mill.
Human Development Index: 0.708 (rank 115.)
Life expectancy: 74 years
Median age: 20.8 years
Youth unemployment (15-24 years): 42%

Source: Human Development Report