South Sudan - My Body, My Right, My Future

Your donation to the My Body, My Right, My Future program will enable youth in South Sudan to know their rights and develop alternative lifestyles to teen pregnancy.

With a donation of...

  • 30 CHF you enable for example that 1 responsible person in the community acquires competences concerning human rights.
  • 50 CHF will enable, for example, 50 young people to receive lessons in sexual education.
  • 100 CHF will enable 20 young women to buy and use washable sanitary towels.
  • 200 CHF enable, for example, 660 young people to regularly participate in a discussion group on sexual and reproductive health rights.

Further information

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Facts about the program

Title: Reducing Teenage Pregnancies
Partner organization: YWCA of South Sudan
Location: Yambio, Maridi
Goal: Reduce teenage pregnancies and increase school attendance
Target group: 10-19 years old girls as well as boys of the same age, teachers*, village elders, health station employees. A total of around 12'000 young poeple will benefit.
Required funds 2022: CHF 140'400
Duration: 2020-2022
Responsible: Amélie Gottier, amelie.gottier at

Facts about South Sudan

Capital: Juba
Population: 11.9 mill.
Human Development Index: 0.433 (rank 185.)
Life expectancy: 57.9 years
Median age: 19 years
Youth unemployment (15-24 years): 18.8%