Uganda - Together for peace and justice

Your donation to Uganda will enable South Sudanese youth in Kiryandongo Refugee Camp to work for peace and justice in Uganda and South Sudan.

With a donation of.

  • 30 CHF will reach 3 people through a youth campaign on peace and human rights.
  • 50 CHF will provide 1 youth with psychosocial support to process his/her trauma.
  • 100 CHF 1 young person will be trained as a peacemaker.
  • 200 CHF 1 person will be trained as a therapist in the field of mental health and trauma therapy.

Further information

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Facts about the program

Name: Together for peace and justice
Partner organization: YGlobal Uganda
Location: Kiryandongo refugee camp, Uganda
Goal:Young South Sudanese refugees become sociopolitically empowered and participate in peacebuilding and decision-making at all levels.
Target group: 15 youth are trained as peacebuilders and conduct peace campaigns in their communities. The campaigns reach 600 community members.
300 youth receive psychosocial support to address trauma and improve mental health. 50 youth find refuge in the project's sheltered spaces. 60% of the direct beneficiaries are young women.
Required funds 2023: CHF 170‘000
Duration: 2021 - 2024
Responsible: Amélie Gottier, amelie.gottier at

Facts about Uganda

Capital: Kampala
Population: 41,58 Mill. (Estimation 2020)
Human Development Index: 0,544 (rank 170.)
Life expectancy: 63,4 years (2019)
Median age: 16,7 years (2021)
Youth unemployment (15-24 years): 2.7%

Source: Human Development Report