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Finalisation of Horyzon support in South Sudan

Horyzon finished its support of the project "My Body, My Right, My Future" in South Sudan at the end of 2022. In the three years of the project, a lot was achieved: young women were taught about sexual and reproductive health, and they also received psychosocial support. Thanks to numerous donations, the project was able to make an important contribution to reducing teenage pregnancies and sexual violence against young girls and women. It was clear to Horyzon from the beginning of 2020 that the project would be challenging. This was due to the tense political environment and the difficult communication with the local project partner YWCA South Sudan. Because young people in particular urgently need support in the crisis-ridden country, Horyzon nevertheless decided in favour of the project. In the past three years, however, misunderstandings and negative developments occurred in the cooperation and communication with the partner organisation. This was made even more difficult by the pandemic, which meant that no on-site visit and thus no personal contact was possible. The clear structures and processes required for the project did not develop as planned. After careful consideration, Horyzon decided that further cooperation with the partner organisation and thus a successful continuation of the project was not possible. The contract, which was set for three years, expired at the end of 2022 and was not renewed. The fate of the South Sudanese youth continues to be important to Horyzon. Many of them continue to flee to neighbouring Uganda, where Horyzon is involved in the Hope Beyond Borders project for these very people.
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Vera Gsell
Communication / Fundraising