Helping people as a midwife

As part of a «My Body, My Right, My Future» project activity, 20-year-old Jenti Sepura Gordon from Yambio (South Sudan) tells us more about her life and dreams:

"I live together with my sister, parents died. In total, I have 2 sisters and 7 brothers. Some I can remember, others I can't, because some of them are 50 or 37 years old and I have no contact with them. So I don't know much about any part of my family. But what I do know, thanks to the activities of the YWCA Yambio, is how to use contraception and how human reproduction works biologically. This will help me in the future to be a responsible adult woman and to take care of my health. I myself gave birth to my child at the age of 17 and was already thinking about having a second child. But I stopped and now I want to focus on education.

The project "My Body, My Right, My Future" changes the perception, the activities I participate in are encouraging and whenever a man approaches me, "My Body, My Right, My Future" goes through my mind. One day in a few years I would like to be a midwife, helping and caring for pregnant women. That would be a beautiful future. I wish others could see a more positive future for themselves as well." - Jenti Sepura Gordon, 20 years old, project participant of "My Body, My Right, My Future".


Jenty Sepura Gordon a twenty years member of tibagu health club twenty years old she is attentive to YWCA HEALTH CLUB during the group session. Photo by Jok Solomun horizon Fa