Invitation - Olive Picking Program 15 - 24 October 2022

The olive harvest in Palestine was once a time to celebrate the fertility and abundance of nature with lavish festivities. Today, however, the harvest reminds Palestinian olive farmers and their families of the bitter reality under occupation.

The Olive Tree Campaign, which is supported by Horyzon, helps farmers in threatened areas. You too can contribute directly on the ground to ensure that olive farmers have a more secure livelihood. From 15 to 24 October 2022, you can participate in the olive harvest and learn more about Palestinian culture and the historical significance of the olive tree.

In addition to the olive harvest, you can experience first-hand the current situation in Palestine, visit the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron and Bethlehem, and participate in evening activities, cultural events and social gatherings.

More information about the olive harvest and the online registration form can be found here:



Picture: JAI, Palestine