The Horyzon 2h-Challenge - a Matter of the Heart

The nationwide sponsorship event for Horyzon using the TrackTok app took place from June 4-7, 2021. We recorded both more participants and a larger sponsorship sum than last year. A total of 426 km were covered and CHF 7,420 donated. We would like to thank everyone for this!

One of the first to sign up for the Horyzon 2h-Challenge this year was Adamo Antoniadis (46) from Zurich. We wanted to know how he experienced the Challenge and why he got involved in the Horyzon projects.

Horyzon: Adamo, tell us a little more about yourself. Who are you?

Adamo: I grew up in Olten and later studied history and Islamic studies in Basel. Now I work as a project manager for the integration promotion of the city of Zurich. I am active in sports, especially on my bike.

Horyzon: Since when do you know Horyzon and the projects?

Adamo: About since 2009, I worked at Horyzon for about 3 years as a project manager for Palestine. Since then I have been keeping up to date with Horyzon's activities.

Horyzon: Why did you participate in the 2h Challenge 2021?

Adamo: I thought it was great to be able to participate by bike this year. And since I intensified cycling in the Corona pandemic and find the Horyzon projects important, the decision was easy.

Horyzon: How did you experience the Challenge?

Adamo: Very well. Registration was easy and the participation itself was fun despite the rain. I found it challenging to find sponsors. But it gave me the opportunity to reach out to friends and acquaintances I hadn't met in a while and get back in touch.

Horyzon: You know the Horyzon projects as a former employee and follow their development. Why do you think the Horyzon projects are worth supporting?

Adamo: I think it's great that the projects are run by local YWCA/YMCA organizations and empower and develop young people. If you want to change societies sustainably, you have to start with the youth and not with the old. Often you can't make much of a difference there, as in Palestine. I also find the international networking of the YWCA/YMCA groups very important. It strengthens the individual organizations.

Horyzon: Can we expect your participation next year?

Adamo: I can't promise anything, but I intend to do it.

Adressblatt 2hChallenge Adamo Interview Kopie

Adamo Antoniadis took part in the Horyzon 2h-Challenge full of enthusiasm and thus collected almost 800 CHF. (Foto: zvg)