Earning a job and earning a living are indispensable elements of poverty reduction. The creation of decent and adequately paid employment opportunities for young people is a central task of all states and development cooperation organisations. The fight against youth unemployment is therefore of great importance within the framework of the global UN sustainability goals (Objective 8.6).

Horyzon partner organisations contribute to the goal that young people and young women build up knowledge and skills within the framework of vocational training or practical vocational education, which in turn enable them to find a job. Care is taken to ensure that the offering is embedded in existing government or private business environments. Among other things, cooperation with vocational training centres is being stepped up. In addition, Horyzon promotes partner offers such as the Leadership Academy in Haiti, which improve young people's chances on the job market. Horyzon also supports the formation of savings and credit groups. It gives individuals access to credit to build their small businesses. Individual groups can also receive repayable start-up financing for their income generation projects. Here too, education plays a central role and the micro-credit programmes are integrated into comprehensive educational programmes: For example, borrowers are advised and receive legal assistance. Lending is also regulated according to uniform criteria and is continuously and systematically reviewed.