Institutional donation

Our sponsors include companies, foundations, churches, cantons and municipalities.


They are among those companies that have recognized that the path to sustainable economic success leads not only through profit maximization, but also through socially responsible action.
You want to offer your customers added value by assuming social responsibility and distinguishing your company through sustainable social commitment.
Your target group should perceive you as a socially competent, credible business partner.

Horyzon has the following offers for you:

Project Partnership

You are participating in one of our development projects. For example, with a donation instead of a customer Christmas present. 


You support one of our campaigns, events or sponsored runs financially or with a contribution in kind. In return, we offer you your presentation in our publications, on our homepage or at our events.

Organization of a Social Event

You organise an event, for example a club or company party with a raffle, the proceeds of which go to our projects.


Let us share a freely definable percentage of the sales revenue of one of your products or services.


Together with your foundation, we make a concrete contribution to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged young people in Haiti, Colombia, Uganda and Palestine.

Churches and Ecclesiastical Organisations

Ecumenical occasions

With concise examples you can show the visitors of your event that you make a valuable contribution to help young people out of poverty, exclusion and unemployment.

Cantons and Communes

We will find the right project for you and assure you of timely and transparent reporting.

Event Donations

Use your next birthday or occasion and collect donations for a good cause. The proceeds will go to a project of your choice.