Gender justice

Equal rights for men and women do not need legitimacy; they are a human right. Some legitimise the equality of men and women with economic advantages. Although the advantages cannot be denied, equality is a reason in itself. Horyzon therefore promotes equal opportunities for men and women, including the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), both in its own office, in partner organisations and among beneficiaries.

The inclusion of the gender aspect in all activities is the prerequisite for the realisation of the Horyzon programme. One of the goals of a gender-sensitive development policy is the implementation of women's rights in all areas (politics, economy, culture, community). At country level, national institutions, mechanisms and instruments must be strengthened in accordance with the international conventions on women's equality. In order to empower women, positive actions such as women's groups, organisations and networks and their actions for awareness-raising, lobbying and legal assistance should be supported, particularly at the level of civil society.

The programmes and projects of all thematic priorities and sectors of Horyzon are subjected to a gender analysis and reviewed for their effectiveness in improving the situation of women. It is taken into account that gender relations are shaped by the respective society and can change over time. Respectful handling of existing cultural conditions is therefore a prerequisite for successful development cooperation. Furthermore, gender-sensitive development cooperation must take into account the fact that development policy interventions can prevent acts of violence, especially sexual violence against girls and women, but also cause them.