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Trips to Palestine in 2023

Have you always wanted to travel to Palestine? Get to know the people and the culture and even do something good for human rights? If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to take a closer look at these trips.
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Vera Gsell
Fundraising Manager
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Cholera Prävention in Haiti

Due to ongoing violence and lack of security in Haiti, many of the poorest families have no choice but to drink contaminated...
Fun day

Horyzon as guest at Café Palestine in Zurich

On 27 November at 6 pm Horyzon will give a lecture on the topic of "*Growing up under occupation - voices of...

Dance Theatre in Palestine

Music, dance and theatre are forms of art that can achieve great things in society. This was also the experience of the...
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Horyzon is looking for a new YMCA/YWCA partnership!

Important note for YMCA’s and YWCA’s worldwide: Are you a YMCA or YWCA organisation implementing projects for marginalised, vulnerable youth in a context...