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*South Sudan - My Body, My Right, My Future* In South Sudan, 2’021 cases of infection and 38 deaths have now been confirmed, with only a maxium of 100 tests per day carried out throughout the country. The UN envoys in Southern Sudan not only warn of Covid-19, but also of an increase in the number of malaria patients. There are fears of a sharp rise in deaths if the UN health facilities have to be closed. With 1 confirmed case, the project site Yambio has not been greatly affected to date, but this is probably due to the lack of testing capacities on site. In village talks and on radio talk shows, which are part of the programme, YWCA Yambio sensitises the population to appropriate hygiene measures to contain the spread of the virus.
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Hörspiel Südsudan

"My body is my right"A radio play for the Horyzon project "My Body, my right, my future" in South Sudan. In connection...
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On Air in South Sudan

While radio shows are becoming less and less important here, in South Sudan they are the most important source of...

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