Paza la Paz

is a Spanish play on words from "a step towards peace" and "may peace be upon you". This is exactly what Horyzon does with the education and support of young people in Colombia.

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Ce ave'm chanjman an komanse

is Creole, means "change begins with myself" and is what Horyzon supports girls and young women to do. 


Photo: YWCA Haiti

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شفى أمل

is Arabic, means "restoring hope" and is what Horyzon's partner organization in the Palestinian territories is doing for young people.

Photo: East Jerusalem YMCA

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About Horyzon

Horyzon, the Swiss development organisation for young people, was founded in 1969 as a commission of YMCA/YWCA Switzerland. Today Horyzon is an independent foundation, recognized by ZEWO for its charitable status.

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Horyzon cooperates with partner organisations from the worldwide network of more than 200 national YWCA and YMCA associations, whose profile, philosophy and conception of the social programmes correspond to a high degree with those of Horyzon.



Horyzon concentrates its endeavours in the field of education in the form of non-formal exchange of knowledge, competences and skills. Horyzon has three main areas of work: employability, health and socio-political education.

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    Your donations will be invested directly in projects of our partner organisations. Horyzon is committed to a cost-effective and efficient way of working. We are ZEWO and ISO 9001 certified. Donors include the SDC, Bread for All, cantons, municipalities, companies, foundations, parishes and private individuals. Donations to Horyzon can be deducted from taxes. → Donate now

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  • Running for a fairer world

    In the mid-1980s Horyzon brought the concept of the 2-hours run from the USA to Switzerland. Every year several charity runs take place, from which the proceeds are donated to one of the Horyzon projects. → Charity runs

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Sophonie from Haiti

Sophonie J. Victor participated in the YWCA Haiti's vocational training program and subsequently completed an education in accounting. Since December 2020, she has been working in a vocational school in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. She is also the CEO/Founder of two emerging start-ups that are gradually growing.

She has previously had the opportunity to participate in YWCA-Haiti seminars for girls and young women. The various workshops were geared towards boosting the participants' self-confidence, increasing their self-esteem, and most importantly, paving the way to self-love and financial independence. Since then, Sophonie has come to believe more in her strengths and abilities, in her own potential, and in the efficient use of all her intellectual capacities. As a result, Sophonie founded Sophie Decor, which is now called Sophie Event Design and is her own event planning company.

Our project in Haiti
4 Sophonie

Jary Lujan from Colombia

"My name is Jary Lujan and I am 16 years old. When I came across the Paza la Paz project, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. The psychosocial support that I received thanks to the project helped me a lot to strengthen my self-esteem. Over time, I noticed that I became more resilient and better able to cope with life's daily challenges. I used my experience with psychological problems and became the contact person for emotional support within my youth group. The Paza la Paz project brought me new joy in life and new friends, with whom I spend almost all my free time. Together we organize different artistic and cultural activities for peace and coexistence in our community. For me, Paza la Paz is happiness, laughter, humor, art, youth and love."

Our project in Colombia

Amal from Palestine

Amal Abu Ahour lives with her family of seven in Bethlehem on the West Bank. The young woman suffers from progeroid syndrome, a physical impairment that causes the body to age faster and makes those affected appear older than they are. In her daily life, in addition to medical complaints, she experienced stigmatization in society due to her impairment and became increasingly isolated at home. This had a negative impact on her mental health. The fragile economic situation of the household further aggravated her situation and Amal was unable to continue her university studies.

With this background, she was admitted to the YMCA's rehabilitation program. The psychosocial counselor developed a tailored intervention plan that provided Amal with intensive psychosocial counseling. The sessions helped Amal strengthen her self-esteem and improve family relationships. Amal also received medical help. Physical therapy alleviated her pain and a medical device for her back supports her spine.

Today, after successfully completing the rehabilitation program's vocational training, Amal runs her own cosmetics business.

Our project in Palestine
1 Amal Abu Ahour

Aber Mercy in Uganda

Aber Mercy is an 18 year old young woman from South Sudan whose family came to the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in 2016 as a result of the outbreak of war. She is a beneficiary of the YGlobal “Let Girls Talk” Safe Space Initiative and recently benefited from distribution of sanitary pads, underwear and washing soap to help improve her menstrual health hygiene and management under the Together for Peace and Justice Project in partnership with Horyzon. This is what she had to say about her experience of being part of the “Let Girls Talk” Initiative:

“Let Girls Talk Space is a life changing experience that has enabled me as a girl talk about issues that adults don’t openly talk about to us because of our culture, like adolescence, boy girl relations, early marriage, sex, periods, personal cleanliness, life choices and even abortion, after all “prevention is better than cure”. Because of YGlobal, I am a confident girl and have no fear speaking in front of others. I know one day I will realize my dream of also being a mentor to other young girls and women so that we can all be strong and bold and achieve anything we set our minds to do.”

Unser Projekt in Uganda