Palestine: Joint Advocacy Initiative

Background and Project context

Horyzon supports the young people in Palestine with two different projects: on the one hand with the Joint Advocacy Initiative and on the other hand with the rehabilitation programme.

The Joint Advocacy Initiative aims to keep young people's hope alive for a just peace in the Palestinian territory. The young people should stay informed about the political situation, stand up for their rights and represent them internationally. To this end, exchanges and workshops are held with Palestinian and European youth groups. In addition, people in international partner organisations are motivated to actively work for peace in the Palestinian territory. In another part of the project, the olive tree campaign is organised to support Palestinian farming families. The law states that agricultural land that is not used for three years becomes Israeli property. Thanks to international donations of olive trees, the fields can be planted and thus remain in the possession of the Palestinian families. The Joint Advocacy Initiative supports the olive tree campaign with logistics on the ground and organises helpers for the planting of the trees and later for the olive harvest.


Activities & Effects

International representation of interests and networking

  • Conducting lobby visits to six international partner organisations
  • Dialogues with five decision-makers (from parliaments, NGOs, etc.)
  • Reception of two international YMCA/YWCA delegations and ecumenical movements

As Palestinian and international youth build lobbying capacity, global awareness of Palestinian concerns is raised as they sensitize those around them.

Olive Tree Campaign

  • Distribution of approximately 40,000 olive trees to 600 farming families.
  • Organization of olive tree planting and harvesting with the participation of international helpers (YMCA/YWCA, individuals, ecumenical organizations).

When olive farmers receive international support, they improve their livelihoods by securing their land claim.

Awareness-raising and human rights work with young people

  • Conducting advocacy and human rights trainings for 240 Palestinian youths
  • Receiving 140 foreign youth who learn about the human rights situation on the ground through trainings and exchanges with Palestinian youth
  • International youth groups conduct six awareness-raising campaigns for Palestine in their home countries

When Palestinian and international actors are informed about the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory, they work for a just peace in Palestine because they have a heightened awareness of the vulnerability of the Palestinian population.

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Further information

Flag of Palestine
Facts about the project

Name: Joint Advocacy Initiative
Partner organisation: YMCA East Jerusalem and YWCA Palestine
Location: Beit Sahour
Goal: Promoting the motivation of international society and especially young people to actively work for a just peace in Palestine
Participants: Around 380 young people and 600 Palestinian farming families
Required funds 2024: CHF 44'000
Duration: Project exists since 1993, current phase: 2021 - 2024
Responsible: Cyrill Wunderlin, cyrill.wunderlin at

Facts about Palestine

Population: 4,9 million (2021)
Capital: East Jerusalem
Human Development Index: 0,715 (rank 106 of 191)
Life expectancy: 73,5 years (2022)

Source: Human Development Report