It is time for a strong corporate responsibility law in Switzerland!

When 50.7% of the electorate voted YES to the Corporate Responsibility Initiative on November 29 in 2020, but the initiative failed due to the majority of the cantons, this was a great disappointment for Horyzon. At the time, we had put a lot of heart and soul into supporting the initiative, as it represents a core concern of our development cooperation. When companies violate human rights and environmental standards abroad, this always happens at the expense of the local population. The counter-proposal, which has been in force since 2022, does not go far enough for us. The due diligence obligation only applies to child labor and conflict minerals - other human rights and environmental standards are excluded.

Now that even the EU Commission has presented a corporate responsibility law, Switzerland will soon be the only country in Europe that does not oblige corporations to comply with human rights and environmental standards. That's why Horyzon supports the Coalition for Corporate Responsibility and the just launched Petition for Corporate Responsibility.

Would you also like to sign or collect signatures in your neighborhood? Here you will find all the information you need: Sign the Petition

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