3rd edition of the 2h-Challenge

220719 Konfklasse 2h Challenge

Confirmation class from Emmen-Rothenburg, photo: Andreas Baumann, 2022

From 17 - 20 June 2022, numerous exercise enthusiasts jogged and cycled for the Horyzon projects. We are pleased that we already have a core of returning participants on the one hand and are gaining new ones on the other. Particularly noteworthy is the very pleasing participation of religion and confirmation classes in the Horyzon 2h-Challenge.

This year, the confirmation class of Pastor Andreas Baumann of the Reformed Church Emmen-Rothenburg took part. The group of ten made a short tour from Rothenburg LU to Sempach and back. They took it easy, as it was also very hot, according to Andreas Baumann.

Whether you were leisurely, sociable or pushed yourselves to the limit in terms of top sportsmanship, Horyzon would like to thank everyone who got involved in the Horyzon projects this year.