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Rotary Dinner on the Horyzon Project in Haiti

Haiti, the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, is known to many for the devastating earthquakes in 2010, from which the country has still not recovered. In addition, Haiti is marked by social and political tensions. The situation has worsened since the assassination of the incumbent president in July 2021. Since then, there have been fuel shortages in the country and there is a lack of electricity in many places. Kidnappings by criminal groups also make everyday life immensely difficult for Haiti's population and create fear and insecurity. What does it mean to grow up as a girl in this environment in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince? What does a girl from a destitute family have to do to be among the nearly 30% who can attend secondary school or pursue a job? Amélie Gottier from Horyzon, project manager for Haiti, and Sandrine Kenol Wiener, director of the Horyzon partner organization YWCA Haiti, who works and lives in Port-au-Prince, will explore these questions at the Rotary Dinner.
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Robin Weber